New York State of Mind [Blog]

Hello again. How was your week? Mine? Mine was good, I’m finally out of the fog-of-war sickness I’ve been through.

Been watching a lot of Reba. Had no idea Reba McEntire was a country music star until Stephanie told me all about it. We’ve both spent a lot of time lying down, waiting for this awful cold to leave us and in the process have almost watched all six seasons of the show. I love it, not gonna lie. I’m excited because Stephanie said she’d give Becker a shot since I’ve been watching so much Reba with her. Becker is the best sitcom ever, next to Three’s Company, of course. It’s been a very… 90’s sitcom sort of world for the last couple weeks.

I’m back in the action, took my writing by the reins and knocked out chapters twenty-five and twenty-six this week, hoping for another one tomorrow. I did a little bit of planning in my head and I’m pretty sure there’s only four chapters left to write. It could always turn into more. I always have these ideas of what’s going to happen, but the course of writing always tends to change what actually happens.

Still, I’m almost done! I’ve almost written a novel! If my approximations are correct it’s going to be a little over two-hundred pages (more like three-hundred in book form) and about 220,000 words. I want to cut out about 60,000 words from Act I when I get to editing again, but it’s still going to be a pretty formidable novel. I’m super excited. I think I might be able to be finished by the end of next week.

Dude! I’ll have accomplished a life goal! I’ll have written a whole book! Yay me!

It’s been a long road and I’ve learned a lot. Mainly that this is what I want to do forever. Some people like the idea of telling stories and the dream of becoming a writer, but once they sit down to do it they realize they liked the idea more than the actual process. Or, so I’ve heard. I am definitely not one of those people. I love the days I get to sit down and write for a few hours. Writing so much only makes me want to write more. I’ve been coming up with so many ideas of more projects I can work on and it’s exciting, not daunting. I want to write short stories and novellas and all sorts of things.

I’ve got a bunch of ideas bouncing around right now. A short story involving two characters from Hell Cat named Steely and Roe: Two beat cops who get into mishaps behind the scenes of the main story. I have a short story or maybe a novella idea about a pizza delivery guy (write what you know, right?) who gets involved in a spooky murder mystery. I want to write as much as I can. I want to jump out of my preferred genre. I want to do this for a living. Have I mentioned that?

All of this is for the future, of course. I still gotta get Hell Cat’s story down. Once I do that the arduous task of editing begins. I’m excited for it because I’ve read a stack of books on how to do it, but at the same time, I know it’s going to take a whole lot of time and be hard. I think between editing I’m going to write more things, all these short story ideas I’ve got brewing in my mind tank. Then, once November hits I’m going to participate in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and try to get the second novel in the series done in one month using everything I’ve learned about writing Hell Cat so far.

It isn’t going to be Hell Cat 2 or anything, but it does take place in the same universe, same city and time frame even, and I think I’m going to have Hell Cat show up. I’ve got this whole big plan going on. I’m super excited about it all and I’m so f***ing ready. It’s going to be a busy year… well, it’s going to be a busy life, really.

I’m over my sickness, fraud-police, depression if you haven’t noticed. I’m hopeful and looking forward. It’s going to be a busy life because I’m not ever going to quit writing, you can quote me on that. All I can do is get better and better and then I’ll get an agent, a seven-book contract, be able to support myself and the next thing you know I’ll sell a book for $1,000,000 and be on a late night talk show talking about how handsome I am on prime-time TV. You know, because that’s how it always happens.


Life is a roller coaster of good and bad feelings, one never being as powerful without the other to show the difference. So, the harder you doubt yourself, the more you realize that you can do it. The more down you feel, the more up you get when the sorry-for-yourself passes. I’m feeling pretty good. I’d be lying if I said my life was perfect right now. For example, a couple of my roommates are annoying the shit out of me, but I’ll get over it. I’m gonna go hit the gym for the first time in… I don’t know, a month maybe? I recognize that the gym is a thing that is definitely missing from my complete happiness index. I’m gonna go hard from now on because I know it’s going to improve my mood and make me feel like less of a fatty-fat-cake. That and the whole not dying on the can like Elvis thing. One day at a time, though. I’ll be back to the steady pattern I want soon.


I’ve been in a New York state of mind recently. It’s silly, I know. I’ve only ever been to New York the one time. It was really cool, but I know that in no sense am I a city kid. I think the suburbs have been driving me crazy lately, so I’ve been trying to escape it in two extremes.

The first has been nature. Camping saved my emotional state last week. I’ve also been really enjoying the landscape of the country neighborhoods while delivering. It’s been great.

The other is listening to hip hop instrumentals, watching Becker and peeking in on Stephanie watching Sex and the City, just to see the streets and the skyscrapers. Not to mention reading New York 2140 (featured image). What a great book. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes speculative fiction and has an anti-authority streak. It’s really helped me a lot in this portion of writing Hell Cat. A big thing I’m trying to do is make the location of these books I’m writing into a character itself. The city of Gu’Ral is a landscape of skyscrapers and city-life, and living in New York in my mind has really helped out a lot. Not only to get out of the suburbia funk, but to really get into my story.

I think a big portion of my mood has been anticipating autumn as well. I’m so sick of summer. All of this rain has been great and I’ve been pretending that fall is here already and pumpkin carving is just around the corner. I think that’s why I liked Stardew Valley so much. It’s got Halloween and Christmas and I get to pretend it’s snowing even though it’s ninety degrees outside and every time I walk to my car I want to die.

I’m super stoked for the honeymoon, of course, Iceland? Holy crap, talk about an adventure. But, I’m also looking forward to after the honeymoon when the leaves start to change and this awful death-sun in the sky doesn’t make it as hot. Plus, we barely have any plans for the rest of the year after that. Not having plans is one of my favorite plans to make.

So, there’s a lot going on in life, still. I don’t foresee there being a drop in activity over the course of the next… eighty or so years, but that’s a good thing. You can never be bored if you aren’t a boring person. I’m gonna write my face off and enjoy every other part of life in between.

Sometimes I forget that I’ve only been out of school a couple of months. The lack of time working two jobs all summer has made time fly and I sort of feel like I’m going back to class in a couple weeks. Well, I am, but to be a TA for an awesome professor’s creative writing class once a week, not to be a full-time student. Still feels weird.

I just need to get my groove back: go to the gym, write whenever I can, read books again.

Reading books has been the hardest part about this strange, busy, time in my life. I feel like a poser when I’m not reading three books at the same time, but Reba is just so good. I need to break the habit of falling asleep to TV again. We may have moved the TV out of the bedroom, but we’ve gotten really good at arranging pillows and blankets on the couch.


This turned into a way longer blog than I anticipated. I hope you enjoyed it.

If you haven’t seen it already, I recorded a thing. I’m hesitant to call it a podcast because I don’t know if I’m going to keep doing it. It’s just an idea. I’ve been talking to myself a lot while out delivering pizzas and I wondered if anyone would want to listen into my conversations with myself. I’m calling it Meandering Rambling which may be a good name… It’s definitely rambling, but I’m not sure if it qualifies and meandering since I have a preset destination. That’s just technicality that I don’t think anyone cares about, just wanted to say it out loud. I know I have too many projects already and adding a podcast to the mix might be too much but… I don’t know. I think I’ll just wait and see if anyone wants me to continue doing it and go from there.

Until next time compadres. Take plenty of vitamin C and don’t take rips off of random hippy’s oxygen tanks. Later.


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